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My Approach

My practice involves working with individuals; at this time, I do not provide couples counseling or family counseling. My integrative approach intentionally selects from a number of different therapy models: attachment and relational psychodynamic theory, humanistic theory, experiential therapy, systems psychology, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and feminist psychology. 


The goal of psychotherapy is to help you improve. Examples of possible improvements include: improved relationships, reduced symptoms of depression or anxiety, improved life satisfaction, and feeling better. I hope that your counseling experience will be one of growth, insight, and empowerment as we explore together the challenges in your life. 


Psychotherapy works best when clients and therapists decide on treatment goals together. This collaborative alliance means that we are a team - you and I are both active participants in the process, working together to achieve your goals. These goals can involve behavior (e.g. building healthier habits), emotions (e.g. feeling happier), or self-awareness (e.g. discovering more about your identity and who you are). We will regularly revisit and revise your goals as needed.


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